Project Rachel


            There are thousands of women experiencing relentless grief in silence. This sorrow, which feels overwhelming and confusing, is caused by abortion. These women lead seemingly ordinary lives, but inside they weep, wait, and desperately hope for relief for the moment they can hold their child in heaven.

                               While she hopes

for that New Day,

how does she cope while she waits?

            That’s where Project Rachel comes in: offering community and sisterhood to the women digging deep within themselves to keep going with their mission in life while broken inside. Project Rachel also provides community and brotherhood to men who have been affected by abortion. The men and women of Project Rachel encourage you: if you’re hurting because an abortion has affected you, don’t suffer in silence. There are many others that know the pain you’re feeling, and most importantly, Jesus loves you and forgives you.

Project Rachel provides a confidential, compassionate, and trained volunteer to help women and men affected by abortion. Project Rachel allows grieving people the chance to share their own experience with abortion and can help them sort through unresolved feelings and conflicts.

call toll free:  888-9RACHEL or 888-972-2435


visit: project rachel ministry

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