LifeRoc is about answering the call to create a Culture of Life.

The Catholic faith holds a steadfast belief that human life -the presence of a soul in a human body- begins at the moment of conception, and should end in natural death. Adopting, exercising and upholding this belief in the domains of bioethics, social and economic justice, and war is called the “Consistent Life Ethic”. Catholics are called to maintain the Consistent Life Ethic in all areas as it not only treats all people with respect (since as a gift from God, all life is sacred), but it is also in line with Church teaching (truths revealed by God and soundly established by scripture and Catechism).

Our goal is to connect people to communities, services, and companies

who support the Catholic Perspective on life issues.

One way to create a Culture of Life is to preach about the dignity of humanity, the other way is to make it a reality. LifeRoc strives to educate, inform, and nurture a community that believes humanity was made in the image and likeness of God. Therefore, LifeRoc promotes Catholic values and Christian resources in the issues of life in the Rochester, NY area. Ways we address Life Issues is by supporting maternity, parenthood, natural end of life decisions, just medical research, just war theory, and much more.

LifeRoc got its name to acknowledge that the rock in our lives is Jesus Christ. “Roc” is also a play on the spelling of “Rochester” as LifeRoc is sponsored by Catholic Charities, an organization of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester.

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